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Dear Knaresborough business owner,

The Knaresborough Chamber of Trade has started a “Knaresborough Unlocked” initiative as you may have seen in the Knaresborough Post last week. This initiative aims to ensure business owners are fully prepared to provide the best protection for their own staff and their customers, giving those customers confidence to come back to the town centre. The Chamber have already contacted over 40 local businesses (Chamber members and non-members) to discuss how they can re-open, the measures being considered, and how to protect everyone.

The Chamber are now looking for more comments from Chamber members not previously contacted. A simple survey has been designed for this purpose and would be grateful if members who have not been contacted could complete this short survey (it should take no more than 5 minutes). This survey can be accessed through this link –

Please note that the “best practice” mentioned in the survey is meant to be general guidance for all businesses which can be used to reassure customers of a minimum level of safety. The Chamber are not looking for businesses to formally sign up but to be open to receive this information.

Also, these guidelines are not meant to be sector-specific but be a more general guide intended to give customers as much confidence in town businesses as possible.

All responses and comments will be very much appreciated, if you have any queries please contact our Secretary, Bill Taylor, on

Best Regards,

Bill Taylor



Indie Retail (FREE national directory) – if you have an independent business in Knaresborough and you are still trading in some way, there is a new free national retail directory, searchable by town and postcode. Please do add your details and fly the flag for Knaresborough

Buy Local (FREE regional directory) – there is also a free regional NYCC directory for businesses still trading, which is being heavily promoted in local media:

The Yorkshire Mafia (FREE listing offer) – for Knaresborough businesses who primarily offer products or services to other businesses, The Yorkshire Mafia are currently offering free listings on their Yorkshire wide website. The usual price is £200 per year and the site has lots of visits per month, so this is a really good deal. Signup here:

Let’s try and raise more awareness of our fantastic local independent businesses #shoplocal #supportlocal #loveknaresborough