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Charlotte Gale Photography

Charlotte is a Knaresborough based professional photographer, covering Yorkshire and beyond. Charlotte specialises in corporate photography, drawing on her extensive experience in both photography and digital marketing to provide businesses with high quality marketing and portfolio images.

Charlotte also has a range of products; including Yorkshire images, greetings cards, Christmas cards and calendars. She sells these online via her website and also in Zigzag Cards & Gifts opposite Tesco on Knaresborough High Street.

Charlotte’s photography portfolio:

Charlotte’s online


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Steve Teggin Hairdressing

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Monkey Puzzle Consulting

Bill Taylor is a versatile Project Manager with over 20 years’ business and system change management experience within a variety of industry sectors.

With a proven track record of managing large international projects and delivering business critical solutions; effectively transforming/consolidating systems and processes to provide consistent and timely management information; embedding robust training and people development programmes to drive quality and continuous improvement; leading group-wide system improvement plans; and a strong operational knowledge of project management methodologies.

Being Prince2 accredited and a Chartered Accountant, brings a professional, controlled approach and a strong commercial focus to ensure the correct context for business process changes and systems managed/implemented together with management of the associated risk.

Contact Bill at or through LinkedIn

Knaresborough Online

Knaresborough Online is your online guide to the beautiful & historic town of Knaresborough. Designed for residents, businesses and visitors, it’s your go-to source for all things Knaresborough. Click here to view or email us on